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Jeremy + Rebecca Garrison

Rebecca and Jeremy’s wedding was one full of joy! Photographing weddings is so fun for me because I am able to

Breanna & Jason’s Arboretum Engagement

Jason and Breanna were living the dorm life at the University of Tulsa when they first met. One of the ladies on

Andy + Kalen White

The first question most people ask is how did you meet… Their answer depends on which one of them you ask! If you ask

Luke + Michelle Phillips

A wedding begins with planning and the planning starts after a proposal. Luke decided to take Michelle to the Fort

Scott & Melissa’s Dallas Engagement

Scott and Melissa both had the common goal of rounding the bases and crossing home plate as many times as possible.

Shane + Kim’s White Rock Engagement

It all started as a set up and Kim didn’t even know. Their mutual friend Nick was throwing Shane a going away

Cody + Sara’s Milestone Wedding

Sara and Cody’s Milestone wedding was so gorgeous!! And, I was so grateful that the storm held off until later.

Luke + Michelle’s Bishop Arts Engagement

Luke worked with Michell’s (now) sister-in-law, Chelsea. He was friends with her on facebook and saw Michelle in

Shelby’s Stunning Bridals

What a stunning bride in a beautiful lace gown! I loved everything about Shelby’s bridal look. And, you

Mark and Kristine’s Texas Engagement

New to Seattle, Kristine got a job serving at a restaurant. Her general manager asked if she could set her up, but

Cole + Lauren’s White Rock Engagement

When I asked Lauren and Cole about how they met, they said, “We could start out by saying ‘TINDER

Shelby’s Hidden Pines Bridal Session

A month before her wedding, Shelby, her mom, and I met at Hidden Pines Chapel to photograph her bridal portraits.

Kenny + Jillian’s Addison Engagement

They were at a hotel bar in Houston for a March Madness tournament. Jillian’s friend walked into the bar

Taylor’s Glamorous McKinney Bridals

Glamor is her middle name. But, really. When I think of Taylor, I think of a fashion forward, put-together bride. From

Ralph + Michelle’s Gorgeous Arbor Hills Engagement

Her Junior year of college at University of Houston, Michelle decided to join a business organization. Little did she